Hello all! Here is the first post in a new series called ‘Understanding Web Hosts’. In this handy guide, I will be showing you what to expect when purchasing hosting and what to look for when doing so, as well as other aspects in web hosting. In helping you understand the logistics of all of this, I won’t go into lots of technical details. This helps you grasp the concepts and it makes it easier for me to explain! To start off, I’m going to explain the difference between Free Vs. Paid Web Hosts.

Free Hosts

Free hosts generally have a lot of limitations. They aren’t in it to help you, they are in it to make money. (I do realize that there are good people out there who do like to help others and offer free hosting, sometimes they are few and far between.) The people I am talking about are the larger, impersonal ones. Like 000webhost. Features are very limited. No free host can really offer you the support and services that a real paid host can offer. At the end of the day, your site is in their hands. All that hard work can be gone in an instant. Why free hosting is a bad idea:

Not professional

Very limited features

No domain

Bad support

Would you like me to think of more?

Paid Hosts

There are many great and affordable web hosts out there, that can take your site to the next level without hurting your budget. Paid hosts really can make a huge difference in a hosting experience. If you have never had an experience with a paid web host, you really should try.  Now, there are many different features that may confuse you when purchase hosting, but I will cover that in the next post.  Features of most paid hosts:

Good Uptime

Freedom with your site

Installers (Fantisico!)

Other cPanel Resources (Stats, Email)

Add-on Domains

Option to Upgrade

Friendly and prompt service

Payment discounts

Money back guarantee (sometimes)

Alas, hosting can be expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. In my experience, I have been hosted by these two companies; A Small Orange and Jolly Works Hosting. JollyWorks has a hosting plan for only $1 a month. I actually used to be hosted on this plan, and I have no real complaints. Good customer service, good prices, good uptime. I don’t remember why I switched, but I did. And that was to A Small Orange (Coupon Codes). In the time I have been with them, I have had relatively no downtime and excellent customer service. I pay $5 a month for about 6 or 7 websites. (Add-on domains) To me, you really can’t go wrong here! If you are considering buying web hosting for the first time, go with one of these two companies!

Now, not every paid host out there is as glamorous as I have told you above. The ones I have mentioned here really are great. Before you purchase ANY kind of web hosting, research! Look at reviews! Don’t invest until you know everything. Ask someone who is hosted by a certain company what they think of it. Just promise to do your research!