How to Reset MySQL Servers in MAMP

Nicole Dominguez June 16, 2012 Tutorials, Web Design, Web Development 1 Comment

Preface for those who don’t know what MAMP is: It’s a server that lives on your mac. It runs dynamic scripts, like WordPress, etc. on your local machine. (XAMPP for Windows and MAMP) for Mac.

Sometimes in MAMP, the MySQL server decides not to start. I’ve concluded that this is a result of using the program before, and then quitting the wrong way – or even using it at all. I usually restart my computer and it works peachy! Here’s a fix if you don’t want to restart.

1. Make sure MAMP is closed.

2. Navigate to Utilites > Activity Monitor

3. Find the process ‘mysqld’

4. Select and Quit the process!

That should be all folks!



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