What’s a Moleskine?

A moleskine is basically a designers prefers choice when it comes to notebooks. They come in many colors, sizes, and varieties, some are even guides to big cities like New York or Amsterdam. Also, they aren’t cheesy like other notebooks, due to their high quality. Personally, I love mine because of the size, and the amounts of things I can do with it. The pocket in the back is also very useful.

From WikiPedia:

Moleskine is a brand of notebooks, planners, diaries, sketchbooks and albums manufactured by Moleskine Srl, an Italian company based in Milan. Moleskine notebooks are typically bound in oilcloth-covered cardboard, with an elastic band to hold the notebook closed, a sewn spine that allows it to lie flat when opened, cream colour paper, rounded corners, a ribbon bookmark, an expandable pocket inside the rear cover, all packed in a paper banderole.

Molekines are amazing notebooks. I use moleskine (its the ruled notebook) as a ‘lifeplanner’, in which holds planner pages and calendars which I draw out, my to-do lists, things I have to remember and whatever is on my mind. Plus, it’s small, so I take it everywhere, and perfect for GTD.

What’s GTD?

From the creator, David Allen himself;

GTD® is the popular shorthand for “Getting Things Done®”, … by David Allen. David has continued to test and refine the techniques and principles we now know as GTD – a powerful method to manage commitments, information, and communication.

Sophisticated without being confining, the subtle effectiveness of GTD lies in its radically common sense notion that with a complete and current inventory of all your commitments, organized and reviewed in a systematic way, you can focus clearly, view your world from optimal angles and make trusted choices about what to do (and not do) at any moment.

Moleskines have been popular for using GTD techniques on, some which I use myself. Check out some of these amazing articles/tutorials!

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Ok, where can I find these amazing things?

In personal experience, I have found moleskines at bookstores like Barnes & Nobles, but you can also buy them online. I suggest you check out the official catalogue, you’d be suprised how many types of moleskines there are!

PS. I bought my mom a moleskine planner on eBay, and well, she really likes it!

Do you use any kind of planner in your daily life? Let us know about it! 🙂