SoDevious is hosted at ASmallOrange, and I thought that I would share some exclusive coupons that I came across. The first is for $5 off any plan. I used this for my first month, which cost $5, so I got the first month free! It was great because I could do a ‘test’ run to see if I liked the company or not. But I did! I’m sure you will too. Here’s the code:


$5 off

The second coupon code is for 15% off any order. Their pricing is organized so that if you buy an annual plan, it’s like getting 2 free months.


15% off

Honestly, I love ASO! The price is great, and the space is more than enough for what I use. ( I have the small plan) When I have problems, these guys are quick to respond. Not to mention that they are an actual company, not little kids trying to sell you stuff. Did  I mention that they also support reselling? Fun stuff!