My Experiences and Honest Review of InMotion Hosting

I have been building and running websites of all kinds for many years now, as some of you may know. With this, I have experimented with many different web hosts over time. Some have been awful, yet some of them have been really great! Today I am going to share my experiences with InMotion Hosting. I’d like to mention, that I’m not a fan of those large hosting companies. As a medium sized company, I found InMotion to have great support and great service – without having to compromise a single thing, as you would have to with other, larger hosts. (When I say that InMotion is a medium sized host, I am saying that they are not this big force trying to do everything so great – they focus on a few services, making them as great as possible. Quality over quantity!) I appreciate the friendliness and comfort I experience when dealing with the guys over at InMotion.

When I did my research on InMotion when I was looking for a new web host a few weeks ago, I was not able to find one negative thing about these guys. After going over my options, I took the dive and went for InMotion.  The sign up process was fast and easy, even for a beginner. All of the options are evident and you know exactly what you’re paying for. I have never seen an ordering process this straightforward!

99% of the time, you get a welcome email with account info when you order a hosting account . Most of the time they are the same tedious email, buy with InMotion hosting, I found the welcome email to be very thorough, well organized and jam packed with more information than I know how to do with. To be honest, I see a lot of hosts that just throw you your account information, which can be very non-newbie friendly. Although I knew what I was doing, I feel that here, things seem to be more newbie friendly and easy!

In the few weeks that I have had two of my sites with InMotion, I have experienced superior uptime and am thoroughly enjoying the great features they have to offer. Among them are: Reliable Backups (Weekly or Daily), cPanel, Multiple levels of hosting when your sites grow, money back guarantee and so much more. With hosting starting at $5.95 a month, you really can’t go wrong.

You may have had experiences with shady hosts, feeling uncomfortable about using their servers  – because I know I have. At InMotion, I feel safe. I know my data is secure. I don’t have to worry about downtime or compromised security; instead I have a peace of mind that is unsurpassed.

6 years ago


  1. I’ve been using Dreamhost to host my site and am loving it. Of course the fact that I was on GoDaddy before this may be affecting my judgement. 😉

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading and enjoying your site for the last few months and it’s been instrumental in motivating me to start my media company. As a teen web and graphic developer like you, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. 🙂


  2. I agree 100% with this article. I recently (and by recently, I mean about a year or two ago) created a website design for a local law firm. They didn’t know what hosting they wanted to go with, so I recommended inMotion to them. Since I first designed the site, I have had multiple conversations with this firm and they love it so far! Their e-mail accounts are almost never down, and their site has great up-time.

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