Because I am a very creative person, I have this container of scrapbook paper. Yes, sometimes I use it for scrapbooks of course, but over time I have found other uses for the stuff as well! Now, I want to explain that I didn’t just buy all this paper all at once; I collected a few sheets here and there over time. In turn, I have lots of different colors and thicknesses.  Some have glitter, some have raised parts and some are textured!

1. School Projects

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But, I honestly use a heck of a lot of paper for school! Anytime that I do a project that is visual or that needs to be done on construction paper, I just use colorful scrapbook paper. It’s the perfect size (I use one 12 x12 sheet most of the time) and way more interesting than boring construction paper! Below are some examples of the school projects I have recently done.

2. Cards

I’m talking about Greeting Cards and Thank You cards! It’s pretty easy to do actually… For a Thank You card, I would just cut a rectangle that is 8″in wide and 4″in tall. Then I would just fold it in half and write on the inside. Depending on the time I have, I sometimes decorate the front or the 4 x4″ envelope. For a Greeting Card, I think I would just do like a rectangle… Maybe 8″ x 6″ and then fold it in half? My mom asks me to make thank you cards all the time, and they sure do come in handy around Christmas and holidays! Oh, also — I only use paper that is completely blank on the back because sometimes the paper comes with legal info and stuff like that on the back.

3. Die Cuts and Punches

I have a few punches, one is a tag template, one is a small circle and another is a flower. I use colorful scrapbook papers to cut punched paper! The flower and circle are better for embellishments, while the tag is obviously a tag! Note that in this picture, I’m not using scrapbook paper, but some vintage paper. Nonetheless, you get the idea!

4. Paper Beads

Although most scrapbook papers are thick, some are thinner. You can create paper beads with many different varying thicknesses of paper, which in turn will give you thicker or thinner bead. Because scrapbook paper comes very colorful and long, they make excellent papers for making paper beads. Check out PaperBeads.Org for tutorials!

5. Everything Else!

There are tons of other things that you can use scrapbook paper for! Like covering clothespins, making matchbook notecards, making envelopes, as a backdrop for photos, pencil covers and a lot more!