Nicole Dominguez

Digital nomad, freelance designer and web developer, twenty-something on a quest for tacos.

Announcing the winners of the contest! n case you were wondering about the title, I've written a post over at

When learning how to code in various languages, it often times helps to know the proper way to comment out

A gravatar, is a “globally recognized avatar”, basically like an icon that is used among hundreds of blogs, if

As a teenager myself, I often wonder what other people think of me, and other bloggers around me. Today I

In testing out digital painting for the hundredth time, I created something amazing this time, with my Wacom Tablet, Corel

From experience I know that looking for templates and layouts for your next website layout can be a pain, so

If you've got a wordpress blog, chances are you're frequently on the lookout for great themes to use; I know

What do you get when you add Moleskine + GTD? A hacked life-planner! A Moleskine is basically a designers prefers

Learning how to use a large, and sometimes complicated program like Adobe Photoshop can be scary. It isn't an easy