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Digital nomad, freelance designer and web developer, twenty-something on a quest for tacos.

I can recall the day, about two years ago, when Firefox 3 was released. I was ready for a change

I have spent the past few weeks fully immersing myself in learning about affiliate marketing, better blogging and the like.

The challenges that come with the choice to work from home differ from those of working away from home, but

As a teenager, you'd probably be thinking to yourself, why should I attend X, as a teen? Well, if you

Source: smemon87 Whether you are running a business out of the guest room, working from home in the den, or

In my last post, I discussed my brand new kindle! After doing some research, I discovered that you can hack

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This review is NOT sponsored, although there are affiliate links. I have been researching eReaders this past week and finally

A module is a small space on a page dedicated to a specific subject. It is often related to he

Hello all! Here is the first post in a new series called ‘Understanding Web Hosts’. In this handy guide, I

There are many types of blogs and bloggers out there though. For instance, this blog is for resources, articles and