Nicole Dominguez

Digital nomad, freelance designer and web developer, twenty-something on a quest for tacos.

I have been building and running websites of all kinds for many years now, as some of you may know.

Print is so last century, Right? Not always the case. There are reasons why print magazines and newspapers continue to

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Hello all, today I am going to show you how to take a normal portrait and turn it  into a

Design has always been an integral part of successful websites. Craft a look that communicates your company to your customers

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I know how difficult it can be to choose a web host.  In fact in my years of being online,

You’ve no doubt heard the well-worn expression, “Less is more”. With the rapid growth of E-commerce and the increased importance

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I have been involved in the online world for years now. I got my start on Neopets, and then eventually

WordPress. If you have even step foot in the realm of blogging, then you’re sure to have heard of it.

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I have been trying to break into the Internet Marketing world, and this requires a lot of work on my