Nicole Dominguez

Digital nomad, freelance designer and web developer, twenty-something on a quest for tacos.

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The average tourist in Mexico City probably doesn’t know there’s a Six Flags theme park just half an hour from

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More than a year ago, I began seriously considering changing my life and becoming a digital nomad. At the time

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To work and support myself as a freelance web designer and developer, all I need is internet access and my

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I have lived in a small Queens neighborhood in New York for almost two years now, and exploring the city

Hey guys, I’ve found a great way for you guys to earn some cash to spend on Amazon! Pearson Education

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This is a question I ask myself every so often. I’m a big advocate of young talented people establishing their

Being a teenager in the design world is tough. You’re an outcast, a minority, but also somebody very unique. However,

Business cards are ideal for any designer or blogger (and are generally awesome!) Today, we have a nice giveaway from

I have been building and running websites of all kinds for many years now, as some of you may know.

Print is so last century, Right? Not always the case. There are reasons why print magazines and newspapers continue to