7 Things You Can Make with Recycled Magazines!

Nicole Dominguez August 7, 2010 Resources, Teens, Tutorials 2 Comments

Hey everybody! I have tons of magazines laying around, and sometimes they just have to go! Instead of just throwing them away, why not make something new? Here’s a list of seven things you can make with some old magazines!

  • Make paper beads! I did this last week and it was a blast! After following some instructions ( I made about twenty paper beads from old books and magazines with modpodge and a toothpick! I would actually be making more, but I’m waiting for my Bamboo Roller Kit to come in the mail!

  • Make a mailer! This is actually quite easy to do, but this tutorial will probably explain it better than me. Or you could even cover an old mailer with magazine paper too!

via How About Orange

  • Make Art! Use a punch and create your own super cool piece of art like this one! Here‘s another.
  • Make Jewelry! Here are a few cute tutorials on making your own recycled paper jewelery! I actually made a candy wrapper bracelet!
  • Make Envelopes! I do this from time to time, and it’s actually quite fun! Just take apart an envelope and  make a tracing template out of it with a manila folder. Then cut it out and use it to trace onto magazine pages. Cut it out and then glue the sides to the bottom!

I hope you guys enjoy! (I think I can start to see the magazines start to fly off your shelves!)

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  1. Janice Mae August 7, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    Thank you for the feature. I like your other posts as well, it is always a good thing when even young people are into recycling and reusing.

  2. Carmia October 3, 2010 at 8:08 am

    Great article! I really like your website as well.

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