In my last post, I discussed my brand new kindle! After doing some research, I discovered that you can hack it (kind of like jailbreaking an iPod) to add your own custom screensavers. Lets face it, Emily Dickinson isn’t going to cut it for me. If you follow this tutorial, you can hack your own kindle! The process is relatively easy, just make sure you are comfortable around computers. In this post, I will show you 30 Awesome Kindle Wallapapers!

Is jailbreaking the Kindle safe?

Yes! Amazon even said so. This hack will not void your warranty. Source. Customer Service does not support or provide instructions for adding custom images to your Kindle to be used as screen savers. However, should you choose to do this on your own it will not void your warranty.

My Kindle Wallpapers
I made two kindle wallpapers today! Use them as you wish; feel free to distribute and enjoy!


Click on the images to open them in full size.

Other than the two that I made, the rest of these wallpapers were created by other people. So, here I am giving credit where credit is due! The order these credits are listed is in the order of the screensavers in this post.

Kindle 2 Screen Saver Images (2)  |  Kindleunit Screensaver Content (4)  |  Smile Back (6) |  Disney Illustrations (6) | RobertSKMiles (2) | Kindle Fabric (3) | Kindle Patterns (5)