A recent trend in Web Design is what one would call ‘Pixel Perfect’. Meaning, that the detail is what makes the design stand out; the little pixels that get perfectly placed to make it truly magnificent. Here are thirty examples of websites that stand out just like that. Play close attention to the bottom of each of the images, because this is where I showcase how the designer played with pixels to make their design truly perfect.

1. DoIt.Im

2. WebDever

3. Launch List

4. Phunk’N Creative

5. Marko Cvetkovic

6. Spaceship Collaborative

7. The House Media

8. Danny Diablo

9. Thomas Bishop

10. TapBots

11. MartyB

12. Foxtie

13. Swipely

14. HTMLCSSJunkie

15. Acosmin

16. Aran Down

17. Meta Lab Design

18. Giuliano Liker

19. Ballpark

20. Alex Swanson

21. Andrew Greig

22. Fluid Tumblr Theme

23. The Design Cubicle

24. StickyBits

25. Texts From Last Night

26. Grooveshark

27. Big Audio Ads

28. Poolga

29. iFixbyx

30. Flipicz

Are there any websites that we are missing? Let us know below!