A module is a small space on a page dedicated to a specific subject. It is often related to he page it is on, but has its own characteristics — kind of like a sidebar. Are you and your yearbook staff out of ideas? At times it can be difficult to come up with fresh new ideas, and I understand. It’s hard for me too! Try some of the modules on this list for your book!

1: Poll on Sidebar

For a Student Life page, take a poll of a good amount of students on a topic related to the page. If your spread is on Technology, try taking a poll asking students which iPod they prefer – Nano, Shuffle, iTouch, etc. See if you can get 20-30 students. Or to make it easier to calculate, get 25 responses and multiply each number of votes time four to get the percentage. Otherwise you could just show a bar graph.

2: People Matching

Take awkward pictures of random people and make a ‘matching’ game out of it. For example, align and crop the pictures to the same size and number each picture. Below the row of pictures, have the names of the people with a letter next to it. so your pictures would be ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ and corresponding names would be ‘A, B, C, D’. On the bottom of the page, upside-down write the answers!

3: Student Profile

Are there any successful and talented students in your school? Showcase them! Dedicate a small area to 2-3 sentences of copy and a small photo. You can repeat this module about 10 times in your book!

4: ‘Anatomy of A’…

This module would work really well on sports pages. Take an action shot of a player. Try to get the whole body of the person because you will be cutting them out. (In Photoshop, removing the entire background and keeping the person) Place the cutout on the page and give it a cutesy title. For example, lets say that you have a football player. Try naming your module, ‘Anatomy of a Football Star’. Then, add lines pointing to parts of their body. Interview them and ask them questions like, ‘Do you wear special shoes? Give us some thoughts about your helmet‘ and use those for your lines!

5: Graph / Chart

Yearbooks can bring instant reader interaction with a chart or graph! I covered a poll in #1, but this is different. Collect statistics as you gather information for your pages. Are you interviewing a coach? Don’t forget to ask him for wins and loses for the season. You can then turn that into a really cute chart! This works for more than just sports. Try test scores, averages, polls, and different kinds of graphs.

6: Fun facts

In addition to graphs and charts, try adding fun facts! These can be just a box with a sentence in it. I created a quick example, which can be seen to the right. It probably took me a good 10 minutes to create, and you would be able to do so just as easily. My suggestion would be to create the background (the green part) and just add text on top (in InDesign, or whatever program your school uses).

7: Collage

Make a mini collage from some filler photos. You could make them look like Polaroids, or just place them directly next to each other. These could be members of a team or club. This way you can get many more people on a page without wasting so much space!

8: Teacher Spotlight

Shine a light on an inspiring teacher. This could even be your teacher of the year, but it could be anyone! There are usually a handful of teachers that really stand out, so try recognizing them in your yearbook.

9: Funny Photos

If you have been on a yearbook staff for some time, then you have probably seen the mirage of funny photos kids (and teachers!) take. Most of the time we see them in picture day photos of seniors, because they only get their senior photos in the book. You can use some of these funny photos in a small module here and there!

10: Spotlight Quote

Use an inspiring quote from your teacher, principal or fellow student and feature it! I’m thinking something similar to the fun fact box above. A small, unobtrusive module! It could even go next to their photo or on a relevant page.

That’s all folks! I hope you and your staff were able to learn something from this. Did you use any of these tips? Comment below and let us know how!